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"Wellness and health" has become a big trend in design. How so? Take fashion as an example!

Not sure if you've noticed that Gucci has collaborated with Adidas? But there is no surprise since we've seen Louis Vuitton had a crossover line with Supreme few years ago.

"Multidisciplinary approach" is probably an effective way for brands to innovate their products and surprise us. "Gucci X Oura ring"- the first designer smart ring has been released recently. It's just anything in style comes with a pricey tag: 950 USD, which is triple times of the normal Oura smart ring. This collaborated item comes equipped with the generation 3 technology and advanced sensor to measure body metrics such as sleep, activities, readiness, heart rate and temperature.

Gucci X Oura ring

Gucci X Oura ring, courtesy of Gucci

You might think it is just another reason for fashion lovers to spend, yet the concept of well-being, fitness and utility have played a bigger part in fashion now than in the past due to the pandemic. We can now see it's happening in the beauty, travel, and entertainment industries. Gucci as a traditional Italian fashion house did break through its boundaries to embrace younger audiences. How so? Perhaps you could checked their Stories out if you haven't yet.

Gucci X Oura ring, courtesy of Gucci

This collaboration indicates that brands started getting involved in clients' lives more proactively; they imagined and sensed the desire of lifestyles before their audiences realised- fashionistas definitely craves for wearable devices in style, beyond that, Gucci's partnership with The Real Real also stands for the rising trend of resale when considering the uniqueness, the value for money and the higher level- responsibility of the society. Sustainable living could probably explain the goal of those business movements which just meet Gucci's mother company- the Kering's value as well.

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