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Where to find one-off pieces when traveling to Paris

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Vintage Boutiques & Independent Designers

In the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th districts, you would be able to find some surprise on the streets; there are so many vintage boutiques where the owners often put high street brands and high fashion altogether, and you can find lots of treasures as long as you have enough time like the whole afternoon maybe and good taste. If you prefer Independent designer brands, the 6th district- "Saint-Germain" is the place to go. Here you will see many local or emerging designer brands and specialty shops. If you are fond of select vintage shops, the 4th and the 5th districts are the must-go areas, especially the 4th- "Le Marais"; here you'd better make sure you've got time if you are a shopaholic.

Flea Markets

Dauphine will surprise you if you like vintage clothes with reasonable prices! At Dauphine, you can find all the types of vintage stuffs like luxury brand clothes, accessories, vinyl records, posters, vogue magazines from couple decades ago, and toys. For instance, I went to Marché Dauphine in late September and found a Chloé women's check 2 piece suit in peach; all you had to do is bring it back to a tailor to ensure it would fit you. Et voilà! Here you then got a special piece- nicely made in good quality materials, and classic design. It is exactly the place where you can buy high fashion with reasonable prices if you've got a little bit luck and a good eye; it is also a way to support sustainability.

Are you a fan of costume jewellery or fine jewellery? If yes, then you won't want to miss Paul Bert Serpette. You can find paintings, any kinds of furniture, plates, tea sets, vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, and high end vintage jewellery.

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